Tégui is a young Mozambican singer and songwriter of rnb and soulmusic.

She was born in Maputo, Mozambique (September 16th 1993).

Her birth name is “Silke”, a German name , given by her uncle and girlfriend. In early stages of life built an interest for various forms of art , having plans of becoming a plastic artist. Music came into to her life , influenced by her father, a music lover, who collected CDs. Growing up , spent a significant part of life living with a father and 2 brothers as the youngest and only girl in the house , a lot of times home alone , nothing to do, took the CDs, and simply started listening to music, memorizing lyrics and sounds.

She loved listening to music so much that she wanted to know every bit of each song , created a note book where she transcribed all lyrics adding collage of pictures of her favourite artists. She was 1st noted by her best friend at the time as she sang an Alicia keys song from her note book. Then , started singing during school breaks and more people noticed the same thing, leading her to believe that she had a talent. Tégui is a mix of her second name and surname, Teresa + Guilamba. The name “Tégui” was inspired by her aunt’s nick name “Telumi” originated from Teresa + Lurdes + Miguel.

Became a studio artist in 2011 , and was part of various labels till 2015 before she finally decides that she wanted to continue as an independent artist. In 2016 she releases her first body of work “ Namasté ”, which means “my soul honors your soul” .This was her way of greeting the public, believing that we are all different but share a common essence, a common doubt, a common joy, a common sadness, shared her personal space that could also be common. The Ep is a mix of Rnb, soul, neosoul and jazz. “Theres a sense of nature and freedom, when i listen to the song i see the sunset, flowers and butterflies” Kennon (about lepidotera)

Listen to the project here

In 2018, she releases her second project “ELEVEN”.

ELEVEN project is more than a musical project, is a life project. Is the constant search for the highest form of being. Is a search for evolution, growth, balance. Is the acceptance of the existence of a higher power than the human. A pursuit of happiness, and acceptance that everything in this world comes in 2 forms , the good and the bad. 2+0+1+8 equals 11.

So The year 2018 was the year she took to stop and evaluate her life and choices and looked forward to evolve and be the best version of herself. “Eleven, a cd to listen and dream” José dos Remédios (journalist)

Listen to the project here

After ELEVEN, she has been featured in shows of various artists like DRP, Granmah, Mark exodus, Mauro Stanway, Hanwah, Hot Blaze, Rita Couto and other fellow artists.