Composer, Songwriter, Producer & DJ

Mozambique-born electronic Composer, Songwriter, Producer and DJ who produces flowing, melody-rich EDM and house tracks.


Mozambican-German electronic musician and DJ 2LANE produces flowing, melody-rich EDM and house tracks. Citing Carl Cox and DJ Snake as influences, his songs blend adventurous synth leads with polyrhythmic drums, generally creating an uplifting, party-ready atmosphere. He has been highly productive since 2019, releasing the full-length Sunset and numerous singles and EPs.

Thulane Gustav Horst was born in Maputo, Mozambique. He began playing guitar and bass as a youth, and started producing music with his friends at the age of 14, after he began attending boarding school. He started releasing dance tracks as 2LANE in 2019, with the full-length Sunset appearing on the producer's Afropean Records late in the year. In 2020, 2LANE released the EPs Drive and Waiting Freedom, as well as "The View" (featuring Miha Vac), "Heartbeat" (sung by the producer's sister, Charlotte Horst), and several other singles. ~ Paul Simpson


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